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Gender Scan Birmingham

Are you looking for somewhere to have a gender scan in Birmingham?

Many places in Birmingham can carry out gender scans, but you would like somewhere you can trust and feel safe in the current climate.

You could go on the internet and search Gender scan Birmingham, this will bring up many clinics that can do gender scans for you but how do you know which one to choose? Well look at their reviews and ratings this can help you decide if they are any good or not.

Its a girl message on a chalkboard

Also when searching gender scan Birmingham, ask friends and family, chances are some of them will have gone through the same thing at some point so ask them for their recommendations, if they have had a good (or bad) experience you can be sure they will tell you and you can trust what they say!

You can book a gender scan in Birmingham from as early as 15 weeks, but from 18 plus weeks onwards would probably give you a better chance of finding out for definite the gender, although some people are simply too excited to find out and cannot wait!

A well-trained sonographer will be able to tell you if your baby is a boy or girl, they will not say unless they are sure of this so you can rest assured you are in good hands.

Mama to be with a boy

Before a gender scan before 15-16 weeks, various methods can determine the sex of the baby, one method is called the nub theory, however, it is not guaranteed and only comes with 40-60% accuracy. The baby at this time will only be about as big as a chocolate bar.

People also believe there are signs when carrying a boy or girl, a few examples of this are :

When carrying a girl, it is said you will carry high, you may crave sweet things, you will carry higher, and suffer more with morning sickness. When carrying a boy, it is said you will carry more at the front like you have swallowed a basketball, you will crave salty foods, and you will carry low. All of these are of course what we call old wives tales but some people swear by them!

The best way is obviously to go for a gender scan to get an accurate reveal.