Cheap Laptops

When buying a new laptop, it is hard to decide whether you should buy a

or an expensive one. The first thing to do is work out just what you will be using the laptop for…is it purely at-home use or will you need it for work also…once you have decided this you can then decide how much you need to spend on a laptop.

There are so many products on the market nowadays, cheap laptops, mid-range laptops and very expensive ones.

If you are just going to use it at home to browse the internet and maybe watch films or use it for Netflix, then a cheap laptop should do the job efficiently, anything between £200 and £300 would be more than capable of performing those actions.

If you require a laptop for work and need one that is more capable to cope with a full-time workload of spreadsheets and presentations, then you may be better to go for a more expensive one.

You will also have to choose which operating system to choose, basically you have Mac, windows or chrome…all 3 do a great job be it on a cheap laptop or an expensive one.

Some of the more expensive laptops can set you back up to £2000 but if you do not need all the extra facilities the more expensive laptops have on them, you may as well stick with a cheap laptop that will more than likely be able to do all that you need.