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Access Control Systems

Access control System installation

Access control systems are used as security techniques that can deny unauthorised access into a commercial or industrial building. Access control refers to the security for doors which can then trigger an alarm system. This installation will allow companies to restrict entry and monitor key areas in the workplace or private property. Door entry systems can keep property’s secure and inventories safe. Having access control systems installed will prevent the risk of theft. How do they work? Door access control will operate by using an electronic locking device found on both interior and exterior doors. To gain access to buildings that use access control you will need a key card, this is the most common way businesses will gain access, however, keypad option is available with many more methods. Each key card has a unique code so when the card is swiped near a card reader, the card reader will identify the code and allow access, unauthorised access with being denied.

Different features will depend on the system you select, many systems will allow you to print badges, replace lost cards and deactivate cards. Not forgetting managing cardholders which is helpful when losing employees.

Card Readers And How They Work

Card readers are a great way to access buildings without the use of keys. Access control systems use a controller. What is a controller? A controller will usually operate around 32 different control points, however, is able to control more, each controller has its own software which gets run through a server and then to the master software. If there is more than one building where an access control system has been installed then each building will need its own server. Door access control systems are also able to limit access to certain doors. Instead of using locks and keys, access control is the more affiant way of accessing a building by saving time and ensuring security.