Magnetic pulley belt conveyor

What are magnetic Pulley belt conveyors?

Magnetic pulley belt conveyors are steel conveyor belts have that either a magnetic slider or pulley and this is used to transport ferrous metals, the conveyor can move vertically, upside down and around bends. A magnetic pulley belt conveyor is created by using permanent ceramic magnets in the base of a standard conveyor.

The actual magnet pulley is a strong industrial magnet that provides a means of tramp metal extraction on conveyor belt applications.

Where can they be found?

Magnetic pulley belt conveyors can be found in many places and are commonly used in minerals, scrap wood, shredder material, waste, and electronic scrap.

During its operation, metals are conveyed towards the end of the conveyor and into the magnetic field of the magnetic head pulley. Ferrous metal is attracted to the magnet and held in place of the belt, when the conveyor returns the tramp ferrous metal is moved away from the centre line of the pulley and will fall into its designated area.

A magnetic pulley belt conveyor can come in a range of sizes, some small which is ideal for when space is limited, and the larger ones are more suited to industrial and separation of heavier or larger ferrous metals.

what are they used in?

A magnetic pulley belt conveyor can also be used in quarrying and mining, in metal foundries and in food where it removes metal contamination from conveyed food.

Magnetic head pulleys are easy and quick to install and require very little maintenance. There are a few pulley options that are available such as permanent magnetic head pulleys made from rare earth magnets or ferrite, electromagnetic head pulleys, these come with variable voltage for selection separation. They should be manufactured to fit with your existing conveyor belt, optional rubber lagging is available.