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How to separate metals for recycling

Do you wonder how to separate metals for recycling? Well, it can be a complex process, depending on how much metal and what type of metal you are planning to separate to recycle.

Separating Metals

When you separate and recover metals it is one of the most important processes in a recycling plant, there are industrial machines that can separate metal for recycling for you, these are called magnetic separators, Eddy Current Separators. All of these can recover most metals.

What machines are used to separate metals for recycling?

Over band magnets can be a good use of how to separate metals for recycling, these machines have over band magnets suspended over conveyor belts, they can separate and remove various metals, available as permanent and electromagnetic designs.

Pulley Magnets

Another way of how to separate metals for recycling is to use a pulley magnet, these can provide a continuous separation of disruptive tramp ferrous metal from a conveyor belt.

Drum magnets

How to separate metals from recycling can use many processes, another one is drum magnets, electric drum magnets are heavy-duty magnetic separators mainly used in automobile frag plants, household refuse facilities, incineration plants, and steel slag operations. These are designed to recover larger, more industrial size metals.

Eddy Current Separator

An Eddy current separator is also used to separate metals in recycling, it is used widely within the recycling industry to remove nonferrous metals from non-metallic materials. They come in various designs including concentric and eccentric rotor designs.

Magnetic head Pulleys

Lastly, another way of how to separate metals for recycling is to use magnetic head pulleys, this machine will replace the standard head pulley of a conveyor to provide separation of tramp metals from a conveyed product. These types of machines are perfect for when space is limited, simple to install, and requires minimal maintenance.